Vintage/Industrial Style Decor

To be up to date, the newest thing is the Vintage Style Decor, that is, recovering from the old storage rooms your grandmother kept.

The word Vintage Style Decor, which comes from English, means vintage, vintage … and began to be used to distinguish aged wines, from harvests that gave bouquet and special aromas.

Today, when we talk about vintage we talk about Vintage Furniture, accessories, clothes from last decades with some retro air and quality that were fashionable in another era, not everything old is vintage do not confuse …

 vintage industrial style decor living room

They are usually furniture and objects unique from the early twentieth century, which we must learn to combine with the ones we already have at home. There are many decoration studios and shops that have already pointed to this trend super novel, and the result in most cases is spectacular.

vintage industrial style decor living room

You can put on some Decor Vintage note in any room and make it a unique space. . No more mass-produced furniture.

vintage industrial style decor armchair

Vintage Decor Style is not a trend for large houses or lofts, if you like why not give a vintage air to our home? . If you have an office with breakfast bar, opt for some beautiful painted metal stools.


industrial dining room decorating

A Chester sofa in aged leather or worn-out velvet, you’ll look great in the living room or in an office.

industrial living room chester decorating


The children’s room also lends itself to introduce some vintage piece, such as these pretty cotton pouf.

vintage decor child industrial
Fuente: Casa Decor -Amelia Aran

We can take a walk on the net and no doubt find many vintage objects, but also find them in flea markets and antique shops throughout the country.

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