Geometric Patterns Designs: I love this Look!!!


One of the most recurrent decorative tendencies of the last years is the textile designs with Geometric Patterns Drawings. And as it could not be less, the windows of autumn winter 2017 are filled with geometric drawings of all the flavors.

the rainy skies bring us a softer and more delicate color palette. The striking and vibrant colors give way to whites, grays, blacks, overseas blues and mustards.

We can find it in cushions, carpets, curtains, wallpapers and decorative objects of all kinds.

These are some designs that fall into our homes.

Fuente: nordicthink.wordpress 2
nordicthink.wordpress 2

By repeating circles, squares, and other designs, geometric patterns add eye-catching vigor to a room.

The very strong structural lines of this bed are complemented by the geometric pattern found on the bed linens.

 geometric look DECOR tips patterns bedroom

Plenty of professionals is using similar ideas to spice up living spaces.

 geometric look DECOR tips patterns

A strong geometric print is a great way to update an otherwise classic scheme of neutrals and florals. The rug here brings in a cool contemporary touch.


You can make this Geometric look within all kinds of accent home decor like cushions, candle holders, planters, photo frame, o’clock etc…

Fuente: Ferm Living
Ferm Living
 clock geometric look patterns designs decor
concrete planter geometric look designs
Fuente: nordicthink.wordpress
 minimalista #colores #diseño #estilo patterns geometric designs
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