To the Antique Weekend Texas…

We have had an exciting weekend…The Antique Weekend Texas.

Round Top is just a tiny town halfway between Houston and Austin with better-than-average pie. But in the spring and fall, it transforms into one of the biggest antique destinations in the country.

2015-09-27 10.03.45

It’s the end of summer and time to start making those shopping for fall-winter . For many dealers this is the last big show event of the year and Unik need to buy unique antiques and furnitures for showroom.


This year I’ve met amazing vintage spaces. I am passionate creativity of American artists.

2015-09-27 10.04.42

2015-09-27 10.04.17

2015-09-27 15.30.53


And if you have time this week and you can visit the fair, I leave a few tips.

When to Go?

In general, the earlier you arrive, the greater the selection. Merchants expect dedicated collectors early in the morning and are less inclined to negotiate. Furniture sells early, so go early if that’s what you’re seeking. The bargaining begins at about 9 a.m., and toward the end of the day, usually noon to 3 p.m.

This is the best time to get a good deal, since dealers won’t want to bring everything home with them. Don’t be too cautious though, it’s best to buy what you like when you see it; it may not be there at the end of the day.

2015-09-27 15.24.34

I like the town of Warrenton. You can find a lot more treasures, if you will. There are plenty of permanent structures but behind them are these huge tents, and some people don’t know what they have.




These are the treasures I found it … I love Chester armchair and many farmhouse accessories.


Bye see you soon…


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