Farmhouse Style….also in Ünik

Classic, elegant and comfortable, the farmhouse style of decorating is all about keeping things simple and organic. This particular approach allows you to decorate with a variety of accessories and furnishings that add a touch of inimitable personality to your home. Pretty much any home can embrace the farmhouse vibe regardless of the landscape that surrounds it.

Anyway you play it, the farmhouse trend is a sure winner with it’s cozy and comforting vibes and easy-going nature.

Look for unique pieces that fit your particular farmhouse style to contribute to your space.

For a farmhouse  look: Incorporate different pieces of vintage furniture for an old-world, collected look, and add faux exposed beams to make things cozy!

 Use rich colors like navy blues or deep grays for a luxurious feel. Add in polished decor pieces, and some glam lamps.

 Add some medium-toned wood furniture, industrial Edison-style lighting, and a neutral geometric patterned rug for a modern look.

In Ünik we all items style farmhouse…


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