Decorate with Indian antiques

Since childhood I have always liked antiques, not so much for what they can contribute to the decoration aesthetic level, but because each of the furniture or accessories that are sold has its own history, has belonged to others, has lived in other houses, has witnessed many moments …

I love everything vintage, old tuneado and reinvented, giving a new opportunity to objects other times they look with personality.
But when we talk about antiques, no piece of less than one hundred years can be considered an antique.

The antiques are characterized by their high quality, they are unique and exclusive pieces in origin, antiquarian value that origin, source and even the craftsman made. They are treasures that are currently in vogue in decoration. They can fit into any style, especially trend is to combine these pieces with modern furniture in contrast creating exclusive spaces and character while welcoming.

And within the antiques that can display in our homes without ruin us are Indian architectural antiques. They are original, extremely striking for its beauty and affordable and perfectly combined with modern decor. ·

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