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We welcome you to the School of Decoration

I am very excited to start with you this new venture School Decoration. It was a project that I started a few years ago in my blog Decorliving in Spain and I could not finish. So and now I return from the USA after my professional life takes me from Spain to Mexico and Mexico to Texas … uff !!! yes, I moved a lot over the years … but I’m here again renewed and thrilled to begin this new stage Decorating School for my followers in English and Spanish.

I organize this section through small chapters, where we go every week trying issues related to the basic principles of decoration.

Publicize simple items here to talk about color, space, the combination of textures, lighting and its importance in the decoration etc . Simple and useful steps that you can apply in your home and take full advantage of the toughest corners.

Unik, will not only aware of basic guidelines in decoration but also will suggest new and creative to decorate or give a personal touch to your home with DIY tutorials and videos explaining ideas.


In this section, we will try to convey to the passion for decorating we feel. We will help you transform your home into something unique, personal and original

The first lesson my Decoration School begins 22 AUGUST

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La primera lección de mi escuela decoración comienza el 22 de agosto.

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