Barn Doors Design for Fixer Upper Ünik House

We have designed the barn doors for the new hall and multipurpose space of our Fixer upper Üni house . This is barn door are manufacturing and can’t wait to see it. In ten days we could install them.

I love the barn doors..when I saw in Fixer Upper Hgtv in several houses.. wow are amazing.

The barn door has come off of the farm and into homes. Sliding barn-style doors offer a modern solution for cramped spaces. These doors enclose bathrooms, smaller openings like a nook for a flat screen television above a fireplace, and grand openings to large studio spaces and pool houses.
The doors can add an industrial look or farm to contemporary space, a rustic feel to a traditional space.

barn-doors-unik-fixer-upper-house-remodeling 2

This point  farm style was what we were looking for our house. Access to the hall or hallway  was a privileged place for these doors.
We want our Ünik Fixer Upper Homes have added value to potential buyers.

n door unik fixer upper remodeling san antonio

Stay Tuned!!!! By friends!!!

Follow us along on this adventure to complete a beautiful remodel!!!

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