Fixer Upper San Antonio TX Remodeling House Ünik, Finished!!!

The day has arrived !!! Finished Remodeling House Ünik Fixer Upper  in San Antonio TX. Here are Before and After Remodeling House Ünik.

We finished the remodeling work of this house in San Antonio. With a lot of work and effort, finished the works and install the home staging. The house has been wonderful.

My husband and I must have been on crazy when we decided to buy and remodel this first home, but now that we are done with the project we have a lot to show our hard work, our enthusiasm, our fights with the builders and more stories. Everybody knows that renovating is far easier said than done.

A fun that took us slowly to remove the walls, rehabilitate the foundation, renovate kitchen and bathrooms, floors, doors, windows etc …

We also design a new farm-style fireplace, nice barn doors, a recycled wooden island kitchen that you will not find in any other house.

A wonderful house with 2690 sq / ft, 4 great bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open concept living and kitchen, dining room, a hall space multi studio or playroom or space tv and a beautiful space like interior garden or paint studio … pauntry, 4 closets and beautiful walking.closet in master berdroom…What more could you ask for…

And let’s not forget your yard 0,38 acres.. with 3 warehouse.

Would you like to see it and is it for sale…

But and now here are some images before and after the remodeling.

Before and After Exterior House

fixer upper remodeling san antonio unik exterior

Before and After Livingroom and Kitchen

remodelin livingroom fixer upper unik san antonio

Before and After  Kitchen and island kitchen

remodeling fixer upper kitchen san antonio Tx unik

Before and After island kitchen

before and after remodeling house san antonio tx unik

Before and After livingroom, fireplace and multi space.

before after remodel unik fixer upper san antonio

Before and After Livingroom

before after livingroom remodel unik house san antonio

Before and After Livingroom and Fireplace

before and after fireplace makeover remodeling unik san antonio

Stay Tuned!!!!  in next post more….!!!!



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