E-Decor : Online decorating advice for your decor project

E- Decor is a new way to work with your customers on interior design. The virtual decor consultations are becoming increasingly popular among the interior design community. I have the best experience to help you decoration your homestep-by-step. I have been working with customers in Europe, Spain, Mexico, and USA.

I have prerared an E- Decor online guide pack full of specific decorating advice for your room.

Each E-Decor plan is unique. It is created from scratch and it includes everything you need to better guia you to create your dream designer room: Space Floor Plan, Moodboard Design, furniture arrangement, color scheme, decorative accessories, lighting, area rugs.. A decorating plan PERFECT FOR YOU.

E-Decor is an easy way to decorate your space with my help and without enlisting full design services. An affordable service , easy, fast and completely individualized customized to your unique space, room, or entire home. It is a plan that will fit your budget and specific needs.

Let me help you revision the perfect spaces for you and family. You can send me the e-mail at unikwarehouse@gmail.com

I will be happy to touch base with you and give you… ideas

Talk to you soon!!!


On line Decor Coaching Services

Do you know what is DECOR COACHING ?

Do you want to make some changes in your decoration but you do not know very well where to start?

You want a home with personality, comfortable, pleasurable, perfect for your wonderful family, and you can’t spend a fortune to get it.

You’ve a hundred of gorgeous ideas for decorating but you don’t know how to translate those ideas and pictures into your own home.

You wish someone could just give you some direction and tell you what you need to do. Yes!!! a DECOR COACHING

A professional who will help and inspire you to become your home in what you always dreamed of.

Do not despair, I am here to support you, to help you. And all this at a very affordable cost.



on line decor coaching interior designs services

The ON LINE DECOR COACHING  is the better and affordable way for help to customers a decorate your home.

It’s the way more new, fast, useful, fully customized for you.

Decor Coaching is a work line joint. Customer/Interior Designer

You are the best person to decorate your home…you just need a useful work guide.

Tell me about yourself.. what do you need? unikwarehouse@gmail.com


The Easiest way to decorate your home … all online!!!!

I am a professional interior design.. I have the experience to create a beatiful home.

Very easy!!!

Tell me what is your style and your budget for e- mail…and I will send you a project for less than what you think.
Transform your space with online interior design
You send me your project, describing your space and photos and I will send you the quote.



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