Moodboards Inspiration Designs for Create

The Moodboards Inspiration Designs are one of the tools that we the interior designers to use for creating.

Mood boards can be a great way to convey your design idea, win pitches and get an early sign-off. When trying to convey a design idea, moods, feelings and fluffy stuff like that are hard to communicate. So professional designers will often use mood boards: a collection of textures, images and text related to a design theme as a reference point.


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Round Top Antiques Fair 2016

The last week started Round Top Antiques Fair 2016 This fair it is performed twice a year in spring and autumn, people flock to Round Top, Texas, for Antiques Week, a shopping extravaganza to rival the world’s best. This year’s Antiques Week starts from Saturday, September 24th through October 1st.
It is for me a favorite treasure-hunting experience in the world.

ROUND TOP, Texas has proven, the tiniest Texas towns can be full of the quirkiest cool surprises.

This year we go to find some finds for my Fixer Upper Ünik House.

round top antique fair 2016 texas

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Today arrived furniture vintage-farm container San Antonio

Hi guys!! Today arrived furniture vintage-farm container a San Antonio, TX.

We are excited !!!  Already available the New VINTAGE- FARM Collection Ünik Warehouse. This week and you can buy these furniture in:

Cabinets, antiques, sideboards tv, stools, painted trunks, carved panels antique, industrial carts.. etc…

Etsy Shop

Items unique and limited !!!!

vintage farm industrial furniture san antonio t

vintage farm industrial furniture sale san antonio tx ünik warehouse 2

vintage farm industrial furniture sale san antonio tx ünik warehouse 3

vintage farm industrial furniture sale san antonio tx ünik warehouse 4

vintage farm industrial furniture sale san antonio tx ünik warehouse 5


San Antonio Bloggers!!! Thank so much ..

San Antonio Bloggers is a wonderful community  of entrepreneurs women in San Antonio Tx that providing support, inspiration, friendship, and a platform for learning.

And  today Noelia Unik Design is a blogger member … great!!! Thank so much all community bloggers..I hope to help…

san antonio bloggers texas

Remodeling House Stone Oak by Ünik

Remodeling House Project Ünik Warehouse
Good morning!!!It is the next remodeling house project by Ünik Designs.

I’m excited!!! We have a lot of work this week…. We started with the renovation of this house. Let’s make cosmetic changes to make it more attractive to buyers.

We will remodel and make a home staging for owners…we want to sell fast !!!

Proyecto de Remodelacion de una casa en San Antonio Texas por Noelia Gutierrez de Ünik Warehouse.



IMG_8876 - copia IMG_8879 - copia IMG_8881 - copia IMG_8886



Free Classes Interior Designer School

Good Morning!!!

I’m writing my Free Classes Interior Designer School. Free and online for lovers of interior decoration and spaces for home course.

Week after week I will be teaching the basic principles of interior decoration. An easy and fun way through infographics, tips, videos and diagrams we will analyze the basic points to keep in mind when decorating your home.


I invite you to subscribe a my blog

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or follow me on FACEBOOK @unikwarehousevintage  every week as it is very valuable material to learn how to decorate our own spaces, making minimum investment.

We begin August 22…..

Buenos días!!!

Ya estoy preparando mi  CURSO BASICO PARA UNA BUENA DECORACION. Curso gratuito y online para los amantes de la decoración de interiores y espacios para el hogar.

Semana tras semana os iré enseñando los principios básicos de la decoración de interiores. De una forma fácil y divertida a través de infografías, tips, videos y esquemas iremos analizando los puntos básicos a tener en cuenta a la hora de decorar tu hogar.


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SIGUEME en FACEBOOK @unikwarehousevintage  todas las semanas, ya que se trata de material sumamente valioso para aprender a decorar nuestros propios espacios, haciendo la mínima inversión.

Comenzamos el día 22 de Agosto. Te espero!!!

free classes interior designer school