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Ünik Designs of Unifinancial Group.

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We are a well-organized company with a team of highly qualified specialists.

Our company provides works complex remodeling and remodel houses in San Antonio. We are a Spanish company with many years’ experience in works in Spain, Mexico and USA. We guarantee high quality, good pace and reasonable price. We offer a full range of remodeling works Flip Houses,

We offer complete realization of most construction works. Based on our experience and knowledge we offer free assistance in the selection of materials and appropriate technology in order to maximize economic benefits, functionality and optimization durability of the works. We work with architects and interior designers who can help you arrange any space according to your expectations.

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before after remodel unik fixer upper san antonio

before and after remodeling house san antonio tx unik

before and after fireplace makeover remodeling unik san antonio

Our offer includes:

design and interior design
demolition works
construction of the walls – ceramic blocks, gypsum blocks etc.
mounting plasterboard (walls, ceilings, straight and curved centering)
gypsum plastering, cement plastering, painting
mounting floors (PVC panels, parquet, plank, carpet, etc.)
mounting ceramic tiles, mosaics etc.
installation of doors and windows
electrical works
plumbing, hydraulics
insulation works
roofing works
facades, facade insulation
horizontal, vertical insulation of the buildings
delivery of construction and finishing materials

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