Update Video Tour Remodeling Fixer Upper Ünik

Hi guys, here you have the last video tour Remodeling Fixer Upper Ünik.

We are already in the last weeks of remodeling our home fixer upper. We are finishing the kitchen and the kitchen island. On Friday we will finish the shiplap fireplace and put granite countertop.

fixer upper remodeling kitchen unik warehouse

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Kitchen Farm Style Fixer Upper

I loving these Farm Kitchens style of Fixer Upper…

fixer upper kitchen farm style makeover

Before the renovation, this kitchen was perfectly functional but perfectly boring and the color blue . We want a jump-started the farm-style makeover. This kitchen needs a new color in cabinet doors, updated trim and new handles.

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Style Farmhouse Bathroom Tips

We have begun to remodel our master bathroom fixer upper and we want Style Farmhouse Bathroom.


This is the master bathroom before…..

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