E-Decor : Online decorating advice for your decor project

E- Decor is a new way to work with your customers on interior design. The virtual decor consultations are becoming increasingly popular among the interior design community. I have the best experience to help you decoration your homestep-by-step. I have been working with customers in Europe, Spain, Mexico, and USA.

I have prerared an E- Decor online guide pack full of specific decorating advice for your room.

Each E-Decor plan is unique. It is created from scratch and it includes everything you need to better guia you to create your dream designer room: Space Floor Plan, Moodboard Design, furniture arrangement, color scheme, decorative accessories, lighting, area rugs.. A decorating plan PERFECT FOR YOU.

E-Decor is an easy way to decorate your space with my help and without enlisting full design services. An affordable service , easy, fast and completely individualized customized to your unique space, room, or entire home. It is a plan that will fit your budget and specific needs.

Let me help you revision the perfect spaces for you and family. You can send me the e-mail at unikwarehouse@gmail.com

I will be happy to touch base with you and give you… ideas

Talk to you soon!!!


Fixer Upper San Antonio TX Remodeling House Ünik, Finished!!!

The day has arrived !!! Finished Remodeling House Ünik Fixer Upper  in San Antonio TX. Here are Before and After Remodeling House Ünik.

We finished the remodeling work of this house in San Antonio. With a lot of work and effort, finished the works and install the home staging. The house has been wonderful.

My husband and I must have been on crazy when we decided to buy and remodel this first home, but now that we are done with the project we have a lot to show our hard work, our enthusiasm, our fights with the builders and more stories. Everybody knows that renovating is far easier said than done.

A fun that took us slowly to remove the walls, rehabilitate the foundation, renovate kitchen and bathrooms, floors, doors, windows etc …

We also design a new farm-style fireplace, nice barn doors, a recycled wooden island kitchen that you will not find in any other house.

A wonderful house with 2690 sq / ft, 4 great bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open concept living and kitchen, dining room, a hall space multi studio or playroom or space tv and a beautiful space like interior garden or paint studio … pauntry, 4 closets and beautiful walking.closet in master berdroom…What more could you ask for…

And let’s not forget your yard 0,38 acres.. with 3 warehouse.

Would you like to see it and is it for sale…

But and now here are some images before and after the remodeling.

Before and After Exterior House

fixer upper remodeling san antonio unik exterior

Before and After Livingroom and Kitchen

remodelin livingroom fixer upper unik san antonio

Before and After  Kitchen and island kitchen

remodeling fixer upper kitchen san antonio Tx unik

Before and After island kitchen

before and after remodeling house san antonio tx unik

Before and After livingroom, fireplace and multi space.

before after remodel unik fixer upper san antonio

Before and After Livingroom

before after livingroom remodel unik house san antonio

Before and After Livingroom and Fireplace

before and after fireplace makeover remodeling unik san antonio

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On line Decor Coaching Services

Do you know what is DECOR COACHING ?

Do you want to make some changes in your decoration but you do not know very well where to start?

You want a home with personality, comfortable, pleasurable, perfect for your wonderful family, and you can’t spend a fortune to get it.

You’ve a hundred of gorgeous ideas for decorating but you don’t know how to translate those ideas and pictures into your own home.

You wish someone could just give you some direction and tell you what you need to do. Yes!!! a DECOR COACHING

A professional who will help and inspire you to become your home in what you always dreamed of.

Do not despair, I am here to support you, to help you. And all this at a very affordable cost.



on line decor coaching interior designs services

The ON LINE DECOR COACHING  is the better and affordable way for help to customers a decorate your home.

It’s the way more new, fast, useful, fully customized for you.

Decor Coaching is a work line joint. Customer/Interior Designer

You are the best person to decorate your home…you just need a useful work guide.

Tell me about yourself.. what do you need? unikwarehouse@gmail.com



Decorating School Free Class

free class decoration-school noelia unik -suscribete

We welcome you to the School of Decoration

I am very excited to start with you this new venture School Decoration. It was a project that I started a few years ago in my blog Decorliving in Spain and I could not finish. So and now I return from the USA after my professional life takes me from Spain to Mexico and Mexico to Texas … uff !!! yes, I moved a lot over the years … but I’m here again renewed and thrilled to begin this new stage Decorating School for my followers in English and Spanish.

I organize this section through small chapters, where we go every week trying issues related to the basic principles of decoration.

Publicize simple items here to talk about color, space, the combination of textures, lighting and its importance in the decoration etc . Simple and useful steps that you can apply in your home and take full advantage of the toughest corners.

Unik, will not only aware of basic guidelines in decoration but also will suggest new and creative to decorate or give a personal touch to your home with DIY tutorials and videos explaining ideas.


In this section, we will try to convey to the passion for decorating we feel. We will help you transform your home into something unique, personal and original

The first lesson my Decoration School begins 22 AUGUST

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subscribe unik blog decoration

La primera lección de mi escuela decoración comienza el 22 de agosto.

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Decorator Style Video Tips for Redecorating with Cushions


Does your living room look a bit old and outdated? Often the task of redecorating your living room is considered too ponderous and you do not know how to advance.

I need to paint, a new carpet, new complements … etc but before… you can consider the redecorating idea of using a few cushions to get started .. a fast and affordable solution!!!

decor tips cushions pillows redecorating

What a difference a few cushions can make!

Having comfortable and beautiful cushions on a sofa is one of the indispensable complements of a well-decorated living room. It is the fundamental piece that can change a monotonous room in a warm, welcoming and with a personality.

To this conclusion have also arrived in the American store Lulu and Georgia www.luluandgeorgia.com which has made a very practical video on how to choose the best cushion for your sofa, to combine colors, shapes and textures. The truth is that I found it very instructive … it will help the readers who have doubts on this subject.

Are here the Decorator Style Video Tips for Redecorating with Cushions

You’ll tell me what you think …